DPF and EGR Cleaning

So what is Terraclean?

Quite simply, it’s a machine that runs a highly refined fuel through your vehicle. This fuel burns off carbon deposits in the engine and cleans the exhaust, including the catalytic converter and O2 sensors. The theory is that over time, cars get a build up of carbon and other nasty things and by burning off these things, a vehicle’s emissions will improve dramatically. It’s like detailing for the inside of a car.

How Terraclean works

Terraclean is a new way to maintain your car and improve performance and fuel economy from the fabulous scientists over in Canada, who were commissioned by the Canadian Government to develop a zero emission engine. They achieved this goal, but they also came up with a product that could improve your vehicles economy and performance too!

Does Terraclean work in practice?

Terraclean was featured on an episode of Wheeler Dealers with Edd China. He used Terraclean to clean the inside of a Jaguar XK8 4.2-litre V8, and the results were dramatic. Edd China found that Terraclean pretty much halved the carbon monoxide content of the Jaguar’s emissions and practically eradicated the level of hydrocarbons. He referred to these results as “amazing”.

What vehicles is Terraclean for?

Terraclean can be applied to cars (petrol and diesel), motorbikes, motorboats, vans, trucks, agricultural vehicles and even machinery. Basically, anything with a petrol or diesel engine.